Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Tarot Year Card

Unleash Your Full Potential with the Tarot Year Card Chart!

  • Comprehensive Tarot Year Card Chart from birth to 101 years old

  • Personalized based on your birth date and month

  • Helps you understand the Major Arcana forces shaping your life

  • Enables you to make informed decisions and align with your true path

  • Empowers you to embrace the wisdom of the Tarot


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the complex world of Tarot, struggling to understand the deeper meaning behind the Major Arcana cards and their influence on your life? Are you seeking clarity and direction in your Tarot practice, but can't quite find the right path?

The world of Tarot can be incredibly vast and intricate. Many Tarot practitioners face the challenge of navigating their Tarot journey, deciphering the messages hidden within the Major Arcana cards, and understanding how these powerful forces impact their lives.

Introducing the Tarot Year Card Chart – the ultimate tool designed to help you unlock the secrets of your Tarot Year Card and discover the profound impact it has on your life. Our comprehensive chart provides you with a clear roadmap to navigate your Tarot journey and uncover the hidden guidance within the Major Arcana cards.

This Tarot Year Card Chart is perfect for Tarot practitioners at any level – whether you're just starting out or have years of experience. If you're looking to deepen your connection with the Tarot, unlock the secrets of the Major Arcana, and embrace the wisdom they hold, this chart is for you.

  • Gain insight into your life's purpose and direction

  • Improve your understanding of Tarot symbolism and its relation to your journey

  • Enhance your Tarot practice by connecting with your Tarot Year Card

  • Utilize Tarot wisdom for personal growth and self-discovery

Three Steps to Embrace the Power of Your Tarot Year Card:

1. Order your personalized Tarot Year Card Chart

2. Discover the Major Arcana cards influencing your life path

3. Use the chart to guide your Tarot practice and unlock your full potential

You will also instantly get access to a library of resources to aid you on your journey of becoming a strong intuitive tarot reader. Below are just a few resources you can download and use as many times as you want.


— $50 Value —

Find your specific Tarot Year Card for every year of your life from birth to 100 years old! The calendar year, your age, the card name, and your number are listed for each year.

163+ Occult Books

— $163 Value —

Get access to over 163 vintage books covering topics such as tarot, witchcraft, spells, and more, that we converted to PDF for you to enjoy!


— $17 Value —

This 225-page ebook works its way through the history of tarot cards, the right way to choose a deck, how to handle and treat the cards before and during readings, how to use your intuitive powers to become one with the deck, and a variety of other essential topics.


— $10 Value —

This tarot journal (printable PDF) is perfect for everyone from an absolute beginner to a tarot professional. Your new 8.5" x 11" journal will be sent as a PDF file to your inbox. Print it at home or take it to your local print shop. The file is 180 pages + cover file and includes daily, weekly and monthly pages to capture all of your important card readings and personal thoughts and plans.


— $32 Value —

Print out the full deck of RWS stickers to use in your personal tarot journal.


— $10 Value —

Get access to all 78 RWS Tarot Stickers (PNGs) to use as digital stickers in your GoodNotes app!


— $10 Value —

Print out and use these tarot spread layouts to keep track of your daily pulls.


— $10 Value —

Great for beginners because it helps you build intuitive reading skills by writing out your own tarot card keywords


— $25 Value —

Print these out and place them in your journal to help you memorize the card meanings.


— $10 Value —

Print these out to create your own tarot deck with your personalized keywords definitions, and personal symbolism


— $17 Value —

When you download this great little book, you will learn the history as well as the meaning of the word "tarot", the symbolism and the true meaning of each card, and learn of several methods of laying out the cards for divination. You will also read about the occult and Qabalistical signification of the Tarot Cards, and much more.


— $27 Value —

Download this book if have you ever questioned why you did something you did?... or why you said something you said? Esoteric Numerology has the answers!

Hello, Tarot enthusiasts!

I'm Amber, co-founder of Magick Notes, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our corner of the spiritual universe.

At Magick Notes, our love for Tarot is deeply entrenched in everything we do. My co-founder Aaron and I are committed to creating tools that amplify the transformative power of Tarot in our lives. Our journey began with our beloved RWS Tarot Card Sticker Books, which enjoyed a warm reception from our community. But as times change, so do we.

Now, we've embarked on a new adventure with our flagship product: the Tarot Year Card Chart. This chart, designed for the modern Tarot practitioner, is a detailed guide of your personal Tarot Year Cards from birth to 101 years old. It helps you understand the Major Arcana influences shaping your journey, offering clarity, direction, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Our approach is both confident and direct, inspired by the renowned Katie Harp. We aim to guide and empower you on your spiritual journey, providing the insights you need to navigate life's many intricacies.

But we're more than just a product company. At Magick Notes, we're fostering a community of Tarot enthusiasts, mystics, and spiritual seekers. Whether you're new to Tarot or an experienced reader, you'll find a home here.

Join us, and let's explore the mystical world of Tarot together.


Tarot-ally Yours,
Amber 🌟

"May the cards guide your way, and your intuition light your path." 💫

P.S. Your future is in the cards, and I'm here to help you read them. Use the chatbox in the bottom right of the screen to text message me with any questions you may have!



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  • Tarot Year Card Chart ($50 Value)

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  • Tarot For Beginners Guide PDF ($17 Value)

  • Tarot Journal PDF ($10 Value)

  • RWS Deck PDF ($32 Value)

  • Digital Tarot Cards PDF ($10 Value)

  • 10 Tarot Spreads PDF ($10 Value)

  • Keywords Chart PDF ($10 Value)

  • Tarot Study Cards PDF ($25 Value)

  • Blank Tarot Cards PDF ($10 Value)

  • The Tarot Book PDF ($17 Value)

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